Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The End of An Era

After returning from my thanksgiving vacation in Mesa, I found out that I had been released from my calling as Elder's Quorum teacher on Sunday. Because I wasn't told about it I'm unsure if it was because I am 31, or that it is because I've been a teacher for about the last two years. Either way, I am getting the pink slip from the single's ward.

Although I have never been fired or downsized, thankfully, I can't but help feel that emotion of abandonment. And the most poigent part of this frustration is that it just seems so arbitrary. As I scower my brain for similiar examples, I can't help think about our current president doesn't feel the same way. You work in an exciting environment and then when your time is up its enough with you, on to the next.

Although I've been quite critical of George W. Bush in many areas, weathering all criticisms remains one absolute fact. He dedicated himself to the cause of our great nation for eight years, and that deserves a certain respect, honor, and credit.

So as much as George and I will look back to the service we rendered to what we love with perhaps little appreciation, we, as I taught in my last lesson, must look forward with that perfect brightness of hope to the brighter days ahead and the new stages and phases of life.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Documenting a Migrane

It's been months since I've had a good (in the bad sense) migraine -- Thankfully. Here is the play by play.

10:00 am: - The flashy started. When looking at a computer screen the light from the screen and the light from the flashy aura combine to make it darn right impossible to read anything. The flashy this time mainly only affected the left side of my viewing are, although it doesn't matter which eye I close.

11:00 am -- Flashy begins to subside. About 10:15 I took some Excedrin and it seems to now be causing some stomach discomfort.

12:00 pm -- Headache begins, although I don't feel the pain so much due to the drugs.

1:00 pm -- Drugs start to wear off and I take some Advil.

2:00 pm -- Brain function greatly is reduced, can't process complex ideas, I have to get people to explain things multiple times, and sometimes I still don't understand. I can still think on my own ok, but I can't listen at all. Also my forehead seems to be very warm.

2:30 pm - My digestion is not so great, and I now feel lethargic and somewhat apathetic.

So that's it for me today!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moab adventures!

This weekend I went to Moab. It was great, you may not notice it, but I got to canyoneer down the horizontal arch in the back of this photo! It was a great weekend and I found another guy soul mate. Now where's that girl soul mate? Oh, and only minor cuts and bruises!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Furtering Mate Analysis

I'll probably have to change my title later, but that's OK. So while at lunch with Eric today (It seems our "Dudes Day Tuesday" has now been moved to Monday, as Eric's Parents have usurped Tuesday making it Parent's Spoil their special Eric Day Tuesday. No HARD feelings Eric.

So to celebrate the new "Dude's Day Monday" we went to Costa Vida. I knew I was going to Costa because when I woke up this morning it thought, 'I'm hungry for Costa Vida' but I had to settle for my usual mixed bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares on top of Kroger corn chex. I think I've been eating that breakfast almost everyday for the past year.

So after critizing the business practices of Costa Vida and committing my future burrito excursions to the arch rival Cafe Rio. I started to pontificating about dating philosophy. You see opposities do attract in personality traits, but four aspects do not. These criteria must meet together in intervals or the relationship is DOOMED.

::: Physical--Each of these criteria are on a ten-based scale. Five is neutral 1 is extreme low, 10 is extremely high. Physical can be looks, but it is more closely tied to fitness. Each of us has a tolerance for differing from ourself, but it is only a tolerance. Sounds like it's time for an example. If I'm an 8 when it comes to physical excersize, fitness, activity, health. I will be repulsed by a 2, tolerant by a 4 and accepting of a 6-9. The 6-9 is my interval. Any lady who falls in that interval meets the criteria.

Although I put it into analyitcal terms, everyone does this involuntary. If they don't they're going to have a problem on their hands, as they will find a severe disconnect eventually.

So the other areas are intellectual, moral, and seriousness. Now seriousness usually has a wider interval, however, if I'm very playful, I'm going to get board with someone who is a stick in the mud.

So after explaining this to Eric, he said sounds like good material for your blog. And indeed it is.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marathon Weekend

This was the Super-weekend! Friday I went to an institute party and was starting to like nice young lady when it seems her quasi boy friend showed up to whisk her away. So looks like that was snake eyes. Although Summer, Wes and I had good times later watching the U of U girls win their soccer game in OT.

Saturday I then played tennis with Eric for almost 3 hours. And although I'm proud to say I held him all four sets, our last set was the marathon game with about 8 deuces at 4-4, we later went to 12-10 in the sudden death tie-breaker game. We were both quite exhausted and had Keva's

***Keva's the the winner between Jamba. They win out on game, set, and match. They are:
  • Cheaper (by about a quarter)
  • More Selection (Don't forget the island favorites on the left side.)
  • Customer Service -- They're just cool there--and they always give me a large water when I request it.
  • More room -- They have more chairs so you can sit down and drink :) mmmm.
  • Closer and less traffic--to our tennis area.
Then I got a call from great Melanie Donahoo to go to Lagoon. So we had good times there.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

D.C. Travel Tips -- Beware of the Tweenager!

Well, after getting an email from my boss who is also out of down, I found what he did quite clever. Why not send people an email about your trip for your own archival (my blog) purposes. So in all my adventuring here are my top ten lessons from the trip.

10. Those Terrific Tweenagers -- Little did we know that the last weekend in April is Jr. High aka Middle school spring break here, and they're everywhere in all their energetic awkwardity.

9. Double Crosses? Those sneaky free-masons laid out D.C. in 2 crosses1. Transept: Capitol & Lincoln Memorial, Naive: White house & Jefferson Memorial--and the second Transept: is WWII memorial and Lincoln memorial, Naive: Vietnam and Korea memorials. Conspiracy or Coincidence? Next on the History Channel

8. Why walk when you can drive and walk: My parents are insistent on the efficiency of driving one mile parking and walking a half mile to taking the metro and walking a few blocks, which is fine I like to walk.

7. The Apple Store -- That was the best marking "experience" ever. They seem to whisk you into to geekhood in the most cool way ever.

6. Real Barrel Roll -- My dad and I had a blast in the somewhat real flight figheter simulators with spinning upside-down and everything -- definitely worth it!

5. Join Intramurals at GW! This is great. All the intramural teams play on the mall lawns. Softball, Ultimate, Football, although I think homeruns could really hurt someone : O (FORE!)

4. GPS Car Navigation -- If you have a car -rent one--nothing like the soft soothing voice telling you, 'exit right, right now. And my personal fav--recalcuating (you just missed your turn).

3. Pack a Jacket and Slacks for Dignitaries -- I typically error on the side of casual and I now have a new sport coat, slacks and shoes to show for it.

2. Don't trust that someone 'got your stuff' -- So we moved rooms today and while I was eating food, my mom brought my stuff down, she just didn't see my iPod on the floor by my bed, and I forgot about it until we left. Luckily it's in the safe and I get it tomorrow.

1. It's all about good politics -- It just so happens that I ran into a friend today I hadn't seen for about 7 years. It’s a great thing we were still friends because that could of made for a very awkward afternoon.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

One Unlucky Guy

So you may have already figured out the story, but I’ll tell it anyway. Last Saturday I decided I’d get on my good road bike and go for a good ride.

(I understand you might think I’m talking about my new Harly-Davidson that I don’t own but this next sentence will confirm the otherwise.)Perhaps by next blog I’ll have a picture of me in my oh so sexy spandex (stupid sexy Flanders!). There is a good reason that superheros wear spandex. They are

1. Confident

They are shouting from the world top, I so very confident about my body, that there isn't an inch I'm concerned about, because I'm conserned about everything, and my body isn't one of them.

2. Wind resistence

Let's be pratical here. If you're flying at Mach 100 the last thing you need is your jacket filling up with air slowing you down or even whiping you so hard it brings you to tears.

3. Durability

Seeing the superheros alteregos don't typically have high paying daytime jobs, i.e. Newspaper reporter, Newspaper photographer, you get the picture, and seeing that they fight crime, a usually very dirty job, their attire should be quite stong, and spandex streaches and doesn't tear easily.

Ok so maybe I'm not quite that confindent or helpful to the world, but the spendex does help with the wind. On with the story!

So after going for a while, I’m feeling good, my attire insecurities have dissipated and I’m well on my way to winning something. (Because I’m trying to win even when there is no one to compete with, except for myself of course).

The next thing I know I’m in Farmington (coming from bountiful) and I’m still feeling like I need some more ride. Ok, what the heck, (which I usually don’t use because heck denotes you are an un-cool Mormon--i.e. Napolean Dynamite—although he’s real cool, gosh!). I therefore decided to bike another 10 miles or so to my parents house.

I’m soon pushing hard up highway 89 when all of the sudden, CHINCK, GRIND, ARRRRRRGGHH, BLAHHHHHH, (through the pirate noise in for good measure), my entire rear deralier came through the metal beam by the spokes and up to the front derailer. I understand you might not be firmiliar with the interworkings of a bike, so I will illustrate with this dandy picture:

So need less to say, I was left pretty stranded. Luckily had my cellphone with me and I decided to call my parents to see if they could come and rescue me. They had decided to do what all good empty nesters do, they went grocery shopping together (at the health food store in Riverdale), and they said they get there as soon as they could.

So I must have been still feeling quite secure with my spandex suit, because I began to run with my bike. This was kind of fun as I was still getting my exercise time, and I was still bonding with my bike.

After running for about 15 minutes, a Honda Element pulls over about 100 yards from me.

Oh no, I thought, I’ll have to tell this Good Samaritan soul that I don’t need their help and that my parents are coming to get me. As I get closer to the crossover vehicile, a girl gets out, and she’s quite cute even.

“Would you like a ride?” she asks?

“No, I’m ok, I yell, I have family coming, but thanks so much for stopping!”

“OK!” she yells back. And gets into here good looking blue car and…..

‘Wait!’ I quickly think, ‘You are cute and nice!’ ‘I must be the biggest idiot in the world!’ But the moment had passed.

Suddenly the heavens are opened and I’m shown a vision of the last scene from Dumb and Dummer (Now would I be the dumb one or the dumber one?) when the Hawaii tropic bikini team stops to find two guys to help them put lotions on.

In the classic words, those have got to be two lucky guys. Yes, I could have easily called my parents back and let them know I was taken care of, but sometimes you aren’t ready for such things, but then you have something to write about.

So, the moral of the story is always be ready for good things to happen in your life or you just might be one unlucky guy.